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Friday, October 26, 2012

Back from a Break

Well hello again!

I'm back! I have a bunch of posts in my head bursting out so I should be around for awhile!

It's been a very busy few months (or more? I've lost track now) and I will try my best to catch you up to speed.

The toddler garden was almost completely a fail. I simply didn't have time to tend to it. Our peas grew well & we enjoyed lots of fresh peas off the vine. The zucchini just died off & never made it past the plant stage which is shocking when you consider how it flourished in the house. The beans never took at all & the strawberries & blueberries did not produce anything of mention but they do seem to still be alive so there's that. I likely won't be so foolish to attempt so much next year.

Aside from that we've been potty training & learning language & trying to not go insane with all the raging toddler meltdowns. Basic parenting stuff really.

I was recently able to take a weekend trip to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert and my boys stayed home for a father / son weekend which has changed the dynamic in our home for the better. I think we all appreciate each other much more than before.

So now on with Christmas & all the busy craziness that goes along with being festive! Thanks for waiting for me to come back (like you were counting the minutes right?) and hopefully I won't be gone so long again any time soon!


John said...

Welcome back :-)

How was Sir Paul in concert?

Every year, I plan a garden . . . and every year, it ends up not being what I want.

Cbearsmamma said...

Thank you! Sir Paul was AWESOME! You would never know he is as old as he is! He played for 3+ hours without taking a break or anything - his breaks were singing at the piano! Any luck at all my boy will be more of a help with things in the garden this coming year and we can have some fun with it - he was just not getting the concept last year which made me avoid it at all costs haha

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