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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Meditations

Life is not a reality TV show!

Have you noticed how people are obsessed with these shows? There's the singing ones & adventure ones truly there is no end to the things they'll make a show about these days.

It would seem that we spend so much time watching them that we have started to act like we're ON them.

Have you ever talked to somebody who starts to tell a story with a huge build up only to fall short with the actual point? Or the person who blows every little aspect of every day out of proportion?

I admit that I'm guilty of this myself. It got me thinking about WHY we do this. I think we'd all agree that those are the those most annoying aspects of our favorite shows. Why then do so many of us turn around and become melodramatic in our day to day lives?

I think we may be just as addicted to the false sense of importance this melodrama stimulates as we are to the shows we watch.

The problem is that this level of drama is not healthy. It promotes anxiety & a toxicity in the way we handle those around us.

So the next time I spill my coffee or trip over a toy or any of the other mundane things that happen to me in a day I promise to take breath & think before I speak. I vow to not tell stories with prolonged pauses & just get on with it! I will first ask myself 'who cares?' & if the answer is 'NOBODY' I will keep it to myself!

Here's to a little less drama & a lot more reality!

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