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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A good day

Hello again, popping in for a brief moment of positivity. It's been awhile since I've had such an awesome day to share.
To be honest I've been contemplating ending my brief blogging career. I've been having a rough time the last few months since I learned that my life with fibromyalgia is just beginning. It's hard to process that information while also in the thick of the worst flare up I've had all year likely due to the winter weather. When you never have anything good to say you tend to keep your mouth shut & keep on keepin on; or at least I do.
So I've been keeping to myself in survival mode trying to spare you all from the bad. Trying to conserve whatever energy I've had to give to my family. My sweet little man who deserves so much more patience than I've had for him lately and my loving husband who has helped me to stay strong but doesn't get credit for his efforts most days. I've been tired and short tempered with high expectations and it's not fair to them. I've had to cut extras like blogging from my daily routine so I have less pots to fill with my love & attention. My boys deserve all of me after all.
However, I've been asked to start blogging again, to share what's going on in my world. I still can't bring myself to share all the 'baggage' because I can't imagine that anybody really wants to read that. Today was a really good day though and I would like to share it with you now.
Cbear woke up around 7 while D was getting ready for work. I asked him if he'd come lay with me in daddy's spot and he agreed. We slept till 8:30 snuggled up together while the room filled with the warm sunlight.
I had no plans for the day besides possibly meeting a friend for a visit and pick up a few groceries. We snuggled on the couch after breakfast and I decided I didn't want a lazy day so we better get going before the minutes turned into hours. We got ready, Cbear even dressed himself, and headed out to one of the stores on the list. My friend had messaged me by the time we were done so we headed to her house for a really good visit.
When we left I realized I was tired and hungry and not at all interested in trying to get the groceries we went out to get. So I took a different route home but instead of going home I headed towards work to hopefully give daddy a smile and maybe grab lunch with him. My boys were both pleased with this turn of events and we enjoyed a nice family lunch before heading home for nap time.
During Cbears nap I used a code for a free photo book to create a keepsake of his first year. I've wanted to do this for a long time but have never had the incentive to really focus until now. I'm extremely pleased with the final product and can't wait for it to get here.
When he woke up we snuggled up on the couch with a movie but I felt good and again found myself not wanting to waste it. So I go up and I started emptying cupboards and rearranging things. I completely changed 5 cupboards and our pantry closet. I'm hoping its a more functional way to utilize the space and since I've been wanting to do it for a long time I'm very happy that it's finally complete! High fives to me!
I finished doing that right in time to start dinner. I'm finding dinners much easier in the last week since we started a meal plan. Seriously! Taking the guess work of what to make out of the equation has removed so much stress and we're eating better too.
Now I'm sitting with my sweet boy with the last of the days sunshine pouring through the window and I'm grateful for such a wonderful day. Sure my feet and legs are really mad at me and exhaustion is trying to take over but it's all been worth it.
As if on cue my buzzer just went signaling dinner is ready. So I'll leave you on a good note and a hope to be back really soon!
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