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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Remember

I remember:
  •  How you just SMELLED like Grandma
  • How you didn't mind that I thought your tummy was the bestest most comfy squishy pillow there ever was. You told me all good Grandmas had that.
  • How when I would lay on your tummy you would trace your fingers over my cheek or shoulder and we would stay like that until I couldn't feel it anymore
  • How you would tell the most elaborate stories I've ever heard. I wish I had written them down so I could tell Carter.
  • How we would go for walks down the street and around the corner just so I could see the trains and you would tell me all about them
  • How you made me climb your apple trees because it was a skill you thought I should have. You were probably behind the whole mud puddle incident with mom too!
  • How you always let me look at and play with your things, even when they were old and breakable or from far away places and entirely unreplaceable
  • How you seemed to be the only person that could decorate the Christmas tree unassisted and have it actually turn out ok!
  • How you never got mad at me for opening your presents at Christmas when my little "Elf" eyes couldn't tell the difference between our names
  • How you would laugh when I would pat YOUR back when you were trying to make ME feel better
  • How you always had nifty 'Grandma' food like Make-It-Yourself Pudding
  • How you always made the best roast beast there ever was
  • How you always had a stash of the good candies even though you weren't supposed to because the ones you were allowed to have tasted like soap
  • How you always let me help you test your blood sugar so I would understand why it was important not to eat ALL the candies at once
  • How you always made up things to call me like Sniklefritz
  • How you always asked me to do things little kids shouldn't do like open medicine bottles and pick the pins out of the carpet in the sewing room
  • Most of all, I remember how when I walked into your house I always felt like the most special little girl in the whole world!

Thank you Grandma for all the good memories - I love you - and I will miss you - but we'll be together again someday - Good bye.

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