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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby To Big Kid

Wow. My little boy is TWO! I can't believe it. No more trying to count the months in my head while simultaneously trying to decide if he person asking cares or if 'almost two' would suffice.

CBear has had quite a few milestones to go with his big day. He got his 2 year molars (all but 1). He started drinking from regular water bottles & big kid cups. And last night we changed his carseat from rear facing to forward facing as he's now big enough to do so (per our specific seat).

As some of you know we recently took a road trip back home to visit family & friends for Cbears birthday. It was really special to celebrate his day with some of those closest to us because we weren't able to for his first birthday.

Surprisingly the biggest question we got while visiting was not 'when will you turn his carseat around' but 'when are you going to start potty training'!! Now maybe this isn't surprising but it surprised me because I always thought kids typically begin between 2 & 3 and boys are usually later than girls so it wasn't even on my radar. Or HIS! He's shown almost no interest up to now and I refuse to push him as I'm sure that will only serve to cause a battle.

What he HAS been interested in is flushing the toilet. That's the fun part right? So I've been trying I explain that if he pees like a big boy then he can flush. So far he hasn't taken the bait & prefers to run in fast as lightening to do it before I catch him. Until the night before last.

He tried to flush, I told him no, then he began speaking wildly in his baby jibberish which could only be deciphered as a request to try to pee! So we sat there for a bit with nothing happening, then D needed to use the washroom so we let CBear see how it's done & then he excitedly tried again. Nothing happened that night but ya know? Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, ya just don't have to go!

I went about life thinking that was an isolated incident not to be repeated for months. Then this morning happened.

We were of course just dressed & ready to put our shoes on for work/daycare. Then he did it. He asked, out of nowhere, if he could sit on the toilet. I seriously wanted to just say no & get going. My mind raced with images of running late & having to strip him down to let him 'try' & I cringed. In the end I knew it was better to encourage it though so off came his pants and diaper, onto the toilet he went. We waited. We talked. He was excited. I wasn't. Then we heard it. A toot echoed thru the bowl & his eyes lit up like he knew he'd done something amazing!

When he finally decided he was done after no pee and just a toot I wiped him, just in case, and found nothing so we re-diapered and pantsed and went on with our day.

I was proud of him for the effort. I mean, he went from zero interest to asking for it in a matter of days! So what if nothing happened yet. It will eventually & then we will celebrate.

Or so I thought! When we got home this evening I thought my teeth were going to drown I had to pee so bad. When I lifted the lid I remembered I hadn't flushed after he was on there this morning because he hadn't actually done anything. Except that he had! That toot was actually a nugget escaping! He pooped on the toilet really really for real!! I was so excited I almost forgot why I'd gone in there! Almost.

So there you have it. My baby is not a baby anymore. He's right on his way to being a big kid! He gets to see the world in the car, he's learned how to spit after brushing teeth (almost in the sink & not on himself haha) and he's going to graduate to a big boy bed very soon!

Hold me.

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