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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update - The Plague Has Cometh

I haven't been posting as much as I wanted to and for that I'm sorry. Clearly I'm not, nor will I ever be, a mainstream blogger in the big times.

The sickness has been through my house and then some since the last I wrote you. We've had the flu and the sniffles and the coughing till you can't breathe and I believe it may all be coming around again for the third time now.

Despite all that we've been having great fun when we can! We've got a family membership to the local museum now and that's awesome because Cbear loves it there!

Cleaning and organizing is my new mission. We've been checking items off the list of to-dos left right and centre which is also really cool! I'm even finally getting some of our stuff sorted out for sale and donation!

On the health front I have news. I've been trying to process the info and that's part of why I haven't posted too. I had my follow up with the rheumatologist and the test results came back clean as they always do. He said there's really nothing else to test for at this point and he's comfortable making the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It's all quite surreal actually. I mean I knew this was coming on the one hand and on the other I was hoping for something to be there in the tests. Something we could put our finger on and say 'that's it! Lets fix it' but that's not the case. So now I'm left with the dealing part.

At least I got the answers I was looking for, albeit not the ones I wanted. Now I have to learn how to care for myself. That may mean eliminating some favorite foods from my diet or forcing myself to eat things I don't like. It will definitely mean knowing my limits and enforcing rest upon myself when things aren't good. It means taking time to be active and get any exercise I can. Hardest of all will be asking for help.

If anybody reading this has any resources they want to share for things that can be beneficial to fibro patients please let me know. I would greatly appreciate that.

Now I need to make a plan to clear the disease from my house. So far I have
-wash all bedding
-bleach all of the things
-light a match

Wish me luck!
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